Why travel Jerusalem?

Why Masjid al-Aqsa should form an important aspect of a believer’s;

  • The first qiblah for Muslims.
  • The station of al-Isra and al-Mi’raj.
  • The second house of Allah built on earth.
  • The place where hundreds of Messengers of Allah (swt) are buried.
  • The place where many Sahabah are buried.
  • A place where miracles were shown by Allah’s will.
  • A place which Allah (SWT) Himself calls a ‘blessed place’.
  • Referred to directly and indirectly, 70 times in the Quran.
  • The place where angels have descended with Allah’s message.
  • The only place on earth where all the Messengers of Allah prayed at the same time led by the Prophet Muhammed (SAW).
  • The only Masjid mentioned by name in the Quran apart from the Ka’bah.

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